The Borneo Jungle Fruits Retreat Terms & Conditions


We allow name changes in case you can not make it to the retreat. 

If you have booked your spot and decide you can not attend the retreat, we will allow you to transfer your spot to another person which you will need to find on your own. We allow name changes up to 1 month before the retreat start date. 

Once you have booked your spot for a certain week of the retreat, you can not change the dates of your retreat week even if we are hosting several weeks of retreats close to each other. 

The retreat is non-refundable. This is because we have already booked some of the retreat accommodation, drivers, and prepaid many activities. If you have opted for a payment plan but cannot attend the retreat, the pending payments will still be charged. 

No credit will be given towards future retreats except in the unlikely scenario that the Brunei or Malaysian government changes entry requirements due to covid, and you don’t have a vaccination certificate, then you will be able to use your payment as a credit towards any of our future retreats.

In case the borders of Brunei or Malaysia close due to COVID or any other reason, meaning there is no possible way to enter, vaccinated or not, we will refund the total amount paid minus 200 EUR for banking fees, currency exchange costs and non-refundable pre-payments.

You can contact us on Instagram @fitshortie or at [email protected].



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