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A complete toolbox of everything you need to destroy the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential. This eBook will help you reconnect with your most authentic self and pursue your dream life unapologetically like never before. Give yourself the chance to discover your true calling and start living a life of absolute abundance today!



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About the author

Justyna Stoklosa

Justyna is a firm believer that everyone has the power and the birthright to reinvent their life completely at any given moment. Following her highest excitement she writes daily hoping to spark inspiration in those longing to live a happier life. With her partner Simon and son Leo she continues to free range around the tropics in search for the best fruits this planet has to offer. 


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  1. Monika W. (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely love this book and everything about it. Reading it felt so refreshing and I basically swallowed it whole in like a week or so. I loved the way it was written – it seemed so effortless and yet conveyed many beautiful truths and beliefs – some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t, but even then I found them really interesting! This journey that is described there is so beautiful. It gives hope and puts a smile on my face to know that even after the darkest of times, there is still a possibility to find happiness and reach your fullest potential, if you just give yourself a chance. It teaches a lot about self-love and a relationship that you should have with yourself, but also about taking risks and daring yourself to do new things. I would recommend this book to everyone and I will definitely go back to it from time to time. Thank you Tina and good luck to you on your journey!

  2. Renee (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely loved this book and read it in one sitting whilst munching on fresh yummy fruits!! I could not put it down. Being a raw food fruitarian myself, I understand the challenges of binge eating and food addiction. This book captured the true essence of letting go, surrendering to ones highest calling and follow ones highest passion. I have since written a list and created a vision board of my highest passions, greatest envies and my desired partner. I also went swimming outdoors in nature and covered myself in soil whilst earthing barefoot. Thank you for the motivation to connect to mother earths beautiful hum and it’s microbiome. I give thanks for this beautiful little book as it has truly changed my life and my perspective on my reality. A second book more directed on the raw food fruitarian diet with meal suggestions and meal plans would be favourable please!! Thank you again for writing and letting me bathe in the wisdom and experience within this book, it is truly inspiring and is helping me overcome and dissolve my own fears to living and following my highest excitement. Reading this book was high excitement!! I will no doubt I will read it again and again for inspiration. This book sparkles. Thank you 🙏🏼

  3. Sonia (Verified Purchase)

    This book is just so amazing. It just gave me a sense of belonging, and love, unconditional love. Tina your words are just so true, you are unbelievably true in this all too fake world. Thanks for what you’re doing, you are an inspiration to us all ❤️

  4. Jeanie (Verified Purchase)

    I loved reading your story Tina. I relate to the struggle with food addiction as I’m eating a 90% fruitarian diet but then I binge on cooked fatty or processed vegan food. The joy you have in eating an abundant diet without restrictions is inspiring and that is how I want to live too. I like that your book is not diet driven despite your fruitarianism being key in your life transformation. I like how you talk about kind of peeling away the layers of what is not truly you in your life. And of course the beautiful partnership you describe with Simon. I think I read your book at just the right time and feel like I have a sister across the globe to keep inspiring me. Keep Sharing your journey and thank you!

  5. AI-LEE (Verified Purchase)

    Tina, I so enjoyed reading your book. It’s a page turner!
    Although I hail from South East Asia, I can see parts of myself in you. Wherever we come from, our growing pains are the same!
    My inner voice spoke to me from a young age & I am glad I listened. Even now at the age of 66, I still do. It guides me.
    You have inspired me to put my life into words, into a personal book. Who knows, I might even publish it. Maybe one day!

  6. Sandra Mcdonagh (Verified Purchase)

    Beautiful candid account of Tina’s experiences. Inspiring & encouraging all the way through. Sharing the highs & the lows along the way. Thank you Tina & Simon for sharing all that you have learnt living your Highest Excitement. 💚🍒🍑🌱💚

  7. Maria A. (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely loved it. We’ve had similar struggles and I felt like you were speaking to me directly. Thank you for putting this beautiful book out into the world.

  8. Liz (Verified Purchase)

    I am filled with gratitude to have read this book and to have had the pleasure of following Justyna’s journey from before the packing of the pink suitcase & departing Poland for her dream life.
    This is a book with no hidden agenda, Tina wants us all to find our true happiness in life, in the simplicity of things and it will help you to do just that.
    How can you not love a book that includes the sentence “This is the kind of happiness I want you to find in your daily life” ❤️
    As a total bookwork I’ve read 40 books this year and this is my favourite. It’s like a convo with your bestie when she’s at her most helpful, for someone who has felt alone over the years living with an eating disorder you will feel less isolated, if you are living a life unsure of which path to take this book will help you sort out your priorities and find the confidence to follow your dreams.
    I love that there are questions at the end of each chapter for you to answer, these will really get you thinking. Grab this book, some paper and plan your own escape from the mundane into a life of highest excitement, one that we all deserve!
    Thank you Tina for having the courage to share so openly ❤️
    Much love to you all
    Liz @root_to_health

  9. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    This book is everything and more. Devoured in one sitting with absolute happiness, not even 4 hours after purchase (like many I believe). I have been a silent follower of Tina and Simon for years and although I’m no fruitarian just yet, I’d like to think some of my views upon life shifted positively since knowing them (yes, It feels like I know them). You (Tina and Simon) radiate positivity even through your social media platforms and now your amazing book, how lucky am I to have stumbled across you two! I have always dreamt of bumping into you guys in Ubud, during my “part time” expat Bali days, hopefully one day in the future this might happen so we can share a durian or two (or maybe even a jungle retreat). Thanks again for taking the time to write this book, I have re read my favourite chapters numerous times, gaining new insights and reflective moments each and every read. Keep doing what your doing as it’s evident that you are living the life that you love and that you are reaching your highest excitement.

  10. Zuzana Van der Werf Kulichova (Verified Purchase)

    I truly enjoyed reading this book as I strongly resonate with its core message – Daring to do what we love the most at all costs. I appreciated the author’s writing style which is personal, funny, exciting, relatable and very well articulated. Justyna covers many important topics from how to find your purpose, how to love your body, how to let go of any limiting beliefs to how to finally manifest your dreams. The tools she offers are simple to implement in everyday life. Many chapters spoke to me but the last chapter on relationships got me the most. Being married for more than a decade in a marriage with four young children (meaning cosleeping with kids throughout all of our married years) I could see a lot of wisdom in her words: Become that what you expect from your partner. Thank you for reminding me of this. It is a great wisdom. Congratulations with finishing this book Justyna. It is a much needed one in today’s busy world. Zuzana @zuzusrawjourney

  11. Elissa L. (Verified Purchase)

    My mom went on one of Simon and Tina’s retreats in Borneo, and the stories she came back with were so inspiring! I just had to check out what Tina had to say in this book. I’m looking for a lifestyle change and this was definitely the push I needed. Read it all in one sitting!

  12. Polona L. (Verified Purchase)

    This is one of those writings you want to print out and stick it on the wall. Many things that I know and I was reminded of their importance yet again during the reading. So many stuff that I doubted and I shouldn’t – realized while into the book. Plenty of info that is new to me and make me understand myself and the world better. Inspiring all the way!

  13. Aaliyah (Verified Purchase)

    This book is like a conscience that speaks and shows you the way after you have been lost for so many years, follow your highest excitement will be a new mantra into my life

  14. Damian Gardynik (Verified Purchase)

    Such an amazing work! I’ve taken my time to read Tina’s book, but almost every day diligently I read a bit. Every time it was so inspiring! Especially on the days where I felt a little low, it gave me an immediate kick to improve my mood 🙂 I love how Tina writes, it’s elaborate but nothing over the top. When you are reading it feels like you’re having an amazing time with your best friend! I could relate to so many things in there and her experiences. It can be so helpful for so many people in so many ways. A must have!

  15. Tina E. (Verified Purchase)

    What a lovely book. Very positive and motivational. After reading the book, I have made a two year plan towards achieving my life goals. I have discussed these with my husband who is supportive of what I want to do. Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to start planning my dream life!

  16. Tatyana K. (Verified Purchase)

    If you want to be inspired, if you’re looking for a sign from the universe or a reminder of things you probably already know but hesitating to admit this book is IT! I followed Tina’s and Simon amazing adventure for a few year on Instagram and find them to be incredibly inspiring. Tina’s writing is amazing, very easy to read and leaves you refreshed and hopeful that anything is possible… if you follow your highest excitement. Well done you guys!

  17. Jennifer (Verified Purchase)

    I loved this book so much that I’m reading it again. I really hope you continue to write more books!

  18. Eduardo B. (Verified Purchase)

    Very inspiring your sharing experience in life and as frutarian

  19. Maxwell (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing! You have inspired me to pursue my true passion. Through this book I feel as if It was destined for me to read it, like the universe pulled me too it because It resonates so much

  20. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Gorgeous inspiration and thoughts. I am perfect exactly as I am! Blessings to you and your family from New Zealand.

  21. George Keremoglou (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely a book that can motivate you be your greatest version and clears stuff up about how you can help it not only with daily life practices but also with your diet all expressed with a honest way , thank you for making this book and sharing it with us , it is miraculous .

  22. Essie (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you for opening up about your life Tina. You sound like a sweet honest person. I follow you for a while on instagram and get a lot of inspiration from you and Simon. This book is recognizable for me on different levels. So funny I was wearing the same perfume before 😁. The strongest message from the book in my opinion is how important it is to open up about struggles and learn about it from each other. Thank you so much! ❤️

  23. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    I loved reading this! Once I started, I finished it in no time. Justyna’s style of writing is so easy and fun to read, I love how she phrases things. I look forward to reading any books she might write in the future. 🙂

  24. Hedva Gilad (Verified Purchase)

    This book made me feel a lot, some parts even felt like I have written them myself..
    Justyna is blessed with a unique way of writing so accurately, funny and moving that I’m sure no reader out there would be indifferent to her words.
    I can only say I’m going to read this over and over and 100% recommend to everyone I know.
    Waiting for your next nook impatiently! 💜

  25. COLLEEN DUFFY (Verified Purchase)

    I loved this book so much I literally ready in one sitting! I stopped only once to eat an orange. I was waiting for someone to help me put it on my phone or kindle, something I will never do again… wait for conditions. So I read the whole thing on my laptop. I cried at many parts because I have had very similar experiences! I too was stuck in a job with a decent salary, waiting to be good enough to do something,and food struggles. I have been wanting a different life and not always brave enough to be different. Thank you for sharing more of your lovely inspiring life! Lots of love!

  26. Teresa B. (Verified Purchase)

    Tina is an eloquent writer. You will be captivated with her story and left feeling that you can’t wait for more of her life to be shared. Her journey is incredible and she truly opens your eyes to have the reader question what it is that resonates with them and her life.
    Highly recommend reading Follow Your Highest Excitement. 💫💜

  27. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    It is a wonderful book, i really enjoyed reading it! It’s super inspirational and very motivating. I recommend it a lot!

  28. Lana (Verified Purchase)

    Hi! Was a really nice book, I’ve enjoyed every page. Brought me back to my own roots of raw food back in the late ‘90s when I was exploring it.. Back then I had spent two summers with the instincto therapy crew in France and got to taste the amazing fruits you are talking about. Everything you’re writing about is so true and I can’t wait for you to setup the family jungle retreat as my almost 5 year old son can’t wait for it. Let us know of you ever get back to Croatia to enjoy sailing or the fig season :). Best to all of you!

  29. Doro (Verified Purchase)

    Loved reading this book! ❤️

  30. Monica Ruthner-Reinberger (Verified Purchase)

    Omg Justyna! I just purchased your book and I am at the very first pages and i must ask you something
    Do you believe in magic? I mean, things just started to manifest like magic in my life, really, I am so amazed, beyond happy, the best thing ever. The energy your book has is something out of this world! Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart to bring this magic into our lifes 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 God bless you, Simon and Leo 🙌🙏 @monica_organicgreenkiss

  31. Sandra Castillo (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you, gracias ! Justyna I feel so identify with you in so many things you wrote, I was so surprise to read your book in this part of my life that I’m moving to Bali to start a new life and follow your advise of eating fruits! Is so exciting for me! You are a beautiful being.
    Your book came to me as a confirmation to the new life that I am about to start, just at the moment I needed a signal to move on. How amazing is that!

  32. Agnieszka Kirchner (Verified Purchase)

    I really enjoyed reading this book. I love how personal Justyna was and how much she shared. This way of writing resonates with me the most as I feel like I have a connection with the Author. Even though some of her experiences I didn’t share, I felt connected to the whole story and read the book within two days (and keep in mind that I have two small children with me at all times). If anyone ever doubts themselves or wants to do something “crazy” and be unpredictable but there are still some uncertainties and worries about what others will say, this book is for them!

  33. Aleksandra (Verified Purchase)

    Loved it

  34. Daisy (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been following Tina and Simon for about two years now and have been so inspired by them both! I’ve moved towards a almost 100% fruit diet and am feeling so much more at peace with my life. This book has just pushed me ever more to follow my highest excitement and move towards living my dream life! Tina makes anyone feel they can do it! The book was amazing!

  35. Jessica W. (Verified Purchase)

    I stumbled on the fitshortie Instagram several years ago and followed out of curiosity. When I saw that Tina had written a book, I was intrigued. I am so glad I purchased! There are some great themes in here that anyone can relate to. I highly enjoyed reading this and it has helped me re-examine my priorities and to follow my highest excitement! Great job!

  36. Melani (Verified Purchase)

    I admire your transformation, your process and to be the person you truly seek. It is as though you are constantly paying attention to who you are, who you want to be and leveling up, every step of your way. I appreciate your ability to express all of who you were and who you are in this book and every day on social media. I am a huge fan of @fitshortie and I have been following you since 2017. There are few people, like you, who actually live their truth everyday and have the grace to share it with the world. Thank you. You are an eloquant and real-true-to-life inspiration! Your wisdom, tips and tricks plus advise are invaluable in the book. I hope to one day meet you, Simon and Leo.

  37. Severine B. (Verified Purchase)

    Dear Tina, thank you so much for telling us your story. It is such an inspiration! No need to fear; everything is taken care of… as long as we follow our hearts.

  38. Anna P. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent book! I think every young person should especially read it before they embark on a boring, ordinary life. Tina’s story is very honest and inspiring.

  39. Rachel S. (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you so so much. Du bist eine große Bereicherung für mich!

  40. Astrid (Verified Purchase)

    FYHE is an honest, inspiring account of the author’s journey to her happiest self as well as a guidebook to help the reader along that same journey. Tina manages to push you toward what you know you want and need in life without passing judgement on whatever that may be. She includes journal prompts at the end of each chapter that help to clarify your desires and goals.
    The pure joy of following one’s highest excitement exudes from Tina, and flows through the pages of this book. It’s clear that she sincerely wants to help others find the happiness she has, and I’m so glad she wrote this book to do just that.
    About to read my second time along with my journal ahead of making my farm crop plan and business plan for next year! There are so many useful tools in this book that would help anyone looking for more intention in their daily life.

  41. Sabina (Verified Purchase)

    I’ll be honest I haven’t had the time to read it yet but I’ve been following these guys nearly from the start and I know how infectious Tina’s enthousiasm is, and I trust the book to be everything I need to read. So much so that I’m almost afraid to read it for fear it will shake my already precarious adaptation to a conventional way of living!

  42. Lorraine (Verified Purchase)

    This book was such a lovely read and so full of wisdom. I love how honest Tina is about her ‘past life’, and about her eating disorder. As someone who has also dealt with an e.d., my heart really opened reading about her struggles and it helped me feel less alone. This book also offers hope that if you’re stuck doing something you don’t like, you can ALWAYS change at any time! It’s really cool to see where Tina came from and her amazing life now!!! So happy for her and her beautiful family! Thank you for this lovely book <3

  43. Asha (Verified Purchase)

    It’s a beautiful book that pushed me to walk the path that I have been wanting to walk for a while, but never believed I could. Thank you Tina, you have been inspiring me for years and I’m grateful for being able to follow your yourney!

  44. Luciana V. (Verified Purchase)

    i am beyond grateful for reading this book, i could describe it as minimalist, simply and easy going, it took me 2 days to read it and at the same time i started reading it, i started writting my own book, a book was waiting for me for 8 years to be written, so i can’t thank Tina enough, it is beautiful how much of an inspiration Tina was in this moment of my life, i completely recommend reading this book, because it will take you home, to yourself, to the flow of the easy life, and becoming your most authentic self, for me it was a bunch of amazing reminders and wake up calls all in one. I plan reading it over and over everytime i need a sip of hope and faith.

  45. Margaret (Verified Purchase)

    I read this book so fast because I couldn’t put it down .

  46. Austin Vander Weil (Verified Purchase)

    I couldn’t stop reading, Truly captivating. Tynas story telling abilities are unmatched. Topics from minimalism, to destroying self limiting beliefs, manifesting your dream life, spirituality, traveling, rare fruit hunting and of course following your highest excitement and more. I really resonated with every chapter in the book and plan on reading again and again from time to time for inspiration and a reminder. You don’t have to settle. You don’t have to put your dreams on hold. Start now! Highly recommend

    -Austin (raw bliss)

  47. Kristen L. (Verified Purchase)

    Learned so much and found ALL the motivation from Justyna! Cannot wait to start creating my best life without excuses 💗

  48. Theresa C. (Verified Purchase)

    I just wanted to let you know that I finished all of your book in one setting. It took me about an hour to realize what I wanted to do with my life and how to get there!! I always knew it was just below the surface with me and it took your book for me to realize what it was. You express yourself so well and it was just such warm and happy book overall. I am definitely looking forward the book you write as I progress into Rawtill4 and getting my family mobile! Thank you!

  49. Lissa , social media influencer @rawfoodromance (Verified Purchase)

    SUCH A GREAT READ!!!! I love reading the journeys of others – and there is so much GOLD in this book! For those looking to find inspiration, this book is full of it in story form. There are even questions to ask yourself as you read through and deep thought and change can occur within from her story! Much love to fit shortie for sharing such a beautiful piece! love love!

  50. Bartosz (Verified Purchase)

    This book will give you the right push towards your dreams. Through Justyna’s very personal story we learn important universal truths.
    Justyna’s smooth writing not only affected my mind by challenging certain paradigms, but above all opened my heart. The outstanding amount of her good intentions can be felt in each letter.

    After reading it, I was infected with enthusiasm and love for life…and I will certainly intensify my dipping in wild rivers! Dzięki za podzielenie się swoim światłem z nami!

  51. Pamela (Verified Purchase)

    I read this entire book in one day! I love how authentic and articulate Justyna is. she also presents her lifestyle in a very non-judgemental way, so that it doesn’t feel like she is trying to convince me to be fruitarian. It’s a fun and easy read.

  52. Kimberly Laverdière (Verified Purchase)

    Thank you to both of you for having the courage to live our natural lifestyle and reminding everyone with your authentic content that this is the way to go for genuine happiness and wellbeing. I was beyond thrilled to find out you had a book coming out. All of your words, coming from the simplicity of the fruitarian mind IMO, are so so clear and resonate with me on every level. Amazing guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You inspire me to live my highest excitement and to keep on keeping on with this fruitarian lifestyle in a temporary northern climate. Can’t wait for the next bookS! 😉 x

  53. Griffin G. (Verified Purchase)

    Such a great read!! Everything hit so hard for me because everything written about in this book has already been on my mind. Every chapter felt so genuine and Honest! If you have any inclination to pursue a raw diet, travel more or just be happier this is an inspiring read!

  54. Julia (Verified Purchase)

    I advise every soul to read this amazing book. It felt like Justyna was talking to me, a beautiful friend conversation! The World needs more people like Justyna, to remind us we all have to follow our highest excitement and pursue our true calling! Thank you thank you thank you, from all my heart! Julia @eatlikeit

  55. Tadeusz (Verified Purchase)

    For me, the mother of beloved Justyna, it is obvious to say that Justyna is a person of deep sensitivity and Her loving and respecting other people is natural, it is said that God sometimes creates exceptional people.
    In the words of the book, she invites us to seek deeper experiences and discover the purest feelings.
    She has always wanted to tell her own beautiful world, her creativity and ease of writing on various topics is amazing.
    I love the book – Mom.
    A word from your Dad…
    The book is written beautifully and with gusto. Those were beautiful moments full of emotions reading your book. Certainly, the experience and the book analysis of your life will help many people on their life path.
    We thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts that for our parental love you gave us the greatest treasure we could imagine, you gave us a wonderful Leo, who for us seniors creates a sense of heaven on earth.
    Loving all Three of You.
    Dad and happy grandpa

  56. Litea Motuliki (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing book Tina. Each chapter blew my mind. I’m in the middle of reading it for a second time. It’s like you wrote it for me and I’ve never had bulimia but I’ve been over weight all my life. This book describes what I’m currently battling. How to overcome it and so much more. This book is life changing for me.🥰 Thank you so much for yr knowledge. A true jewel to the world. 😍

  57. Katrien (Verified Purchase)

    I started your intro…and immediately I felt like I was there too. You can tell stories and give me the feeling of traveling in my mind…
    I love the quotes, the little stories of your adventures, the tips, questions and hints.
    For me it is going to be a working book, I am going to reread and think and talk about certain topics more than once.
    Congratulations and hopefully exciting stories in the future.

  58. Chandra Ale (Verified Purchase)

    First of all I would like to say that this is the book I want all my loved ones to read. I’m sorry that my mother doesn’t understand English so well but I even consider translating it for her. Thank you Tina for making the effort to write down all your experience. You are an excellent story teller, I enjoy every pease of text that you write on any subject because you are honest and authentic. I resonate a lot with your words and you are an inspiration to me. I read the book almost too quickly cause I was very curious but now I feel like I could read it again, this time slower, to let everything sink in better. It came to me at the right moment and it helped my take some very important decisions. Thank you!

  59. Nora S. (Verified Purchase)

    I LOVE your book!

    Altough I’m not planning to be a frutarian, actually I’m not even a vegan yet, I can definately suggest the book for anyone who wants positive energy and INSPIRATION for her/his life!

    I could read you every night, it’s a pity that I finished the book in a few days! 😁

    I hope you’ll write more soon! Can’t wait 😊

    I wish all the best! ❤️

  60. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Loved the book, read it in one sitting. Truly inspired to live my highest excitement! Already practicing asking myself ‘will this serve me? ” and feeling the manifesting. Thank you

  61. Eliza Mozal (Verified Purchase)

    Ohhhhh WoWzA!!! 💞

    Soooo happy with that ebook: so much top quality advice, beautiful shares, fascinating adventures descriptions and … so much good humour.

    I saw your ebook post and I knew it im getting it … NOW👌 5min later it became mine 🥰

    Read more than half of it in a first day, in joy, in bliss and soooo much taken over by it. My heart opened again… as I requested from Universe few days earlier.

    Before I even finished reading it (3 days) I started implementing what you suggest into my mindset and I started receiving money 💰 unexpectedly, beautifully, with gratitude, while I relax more and more, surrender and let go of chasing bit by bit.

    This morning I woke up to a beautiful request of writing an ebook for someone (helping them with the process) … ohhh how amazing is that 🙏

    Plus, I’ve gone fruitarian for now, for few weeks, to detox myself more than ever before and expand my spirituality and heal more on emotional level 🕊

    I’m so grateful for all you have shared there, all those struggles and challenges and going forward despite it all, tons of identification there soul-sista, tons💃

    I would love to come to one of your retreats and that is my another request to the Universe 🌌

    Sending you 3 of you blessings, love and light ⚘

    Kind regards
    Eliza Mozal

  62. Katharina (Verified Purchase)

    I‘ve been following Fit Shortie for a while on IG and was overly excited to read this book. Couldn‘t stop … It‘ easy to read, and I really enjoyed Tina‘s way of writing, her authenticity, the deep insights in her life and personal development. It made me rethink some beliefs and behaviour.
    All the best to you and your family! Have a great time in Brazil.

  63. Kata (Verified Purchase)

    I loved every pages of the book. Actually, I could have read more of it, I felt it was a bit too short. 🙂

  64. Andra (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely loved the book. It gives you hope and it reminds you that it’s never to late to pursue your dreams and to change your life and become your greatest self! 💜

  65. Chloe (Verified Purchase)

    Tina’s undeniable vivacity and zest for life are contagious. I have said it once recently, and will gladly say it again (and again, and again): the authenticity, positivity, and happiness she and her family emanate speak to and uplift my soul. One would be hard-pressed to learn her story and not feel emboldened or even spurred into action to pursue their vision of purpose, wholeness, and joy.

    I was overjoyed to purchase her book upon release, and promptly pored over it in a single session—it is a revelation; particular feelings I have experienced and failed to adequately verbalize, Tina has identified and expressed simply, with poignance and clarity. Perhaps we are kindred spirits—it is as though she has plucked much of her more difficult content from the recesses of my own mind. I rallied alongside her as she recounted triumph and success, and was reduced to melancholy by truly familiar woes.

    Tina applies a critical lens to her experiences, subjects her choices to thorough examination, and candidly reflects—the ensuing insight contained in this no-holds-barred display of vulnerability and wisdom offers to share with the reader a gained perspective. These are matter-of-fact words and conclusions that one ought to hear during the throes of their turmoil, as opposed to as an untimely realization revealed in hindsight. Tina employs this supplemental knowledge as a vehicle with which to empower and enable her reader to reap the fruits of similar success while navigating around pitfall and misstep.

    If mindful, intentional, and soul-satisfying lifestyle choices ignite inner fire, then Follow Your Highest Excitement is its kindling. Bolster your fire—I think our dear Tina’s book is well worth the read.

  66. Eva Papp (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome book!! Full with positivity, practical advises for achieving your dream life. A must for future minimalist, fulltime travellers 😍

  67. Stephanie C. (Verified Purchase)

    Tina has a beautiful way with words. Every time I pick up the book and start reading, I’m flooded with hopeful, excited and expansive energy. Through her words, Tina reminds you of your inherent, universe/god given agency to create whatever life you dream of. I highly recommend this book to anyone whose interested in squeezing the most life out of life.

  68. Catherine (Verified Purchase)

    If you only read one book this year, I would choose this one. What an experience. I believe that I was heading in this direction anyway, but this book has made me stop, and completely analyse my life choices. I am healthy, I am happy: but could I be happier? It turns out I could be. Each section of this book resonates with me so much. If you are in your 20s, please read this book. You probably already have the confidence and the drive, so this book will help you make decisions that after you’ve made them will seem so obvious. If you’re in your 30s, this book is perfect for you because you’ll have the confidence and life experience. It again will push you carefully in the right direction. I’m 46 and the biggest thing this book has made me realise is it’s not too late – nowhere near too late – to start. 50s, 60s, any age. The best thing is, it’s confirmed to me what my highest excitement is. The gentle, probing questions will help you realise yours too. A timely Christmas present also, I think.

  69. Bianca Zvorc Morris (Verified Purchase)

    I LOVED how real, inspirational, vulnerable, and compassionate this book is. I felt the book is partially about me, but it is actually written so well that you feel like it is about you. Genius! What got me immediately is how witty and smart Justyna is with her thankyou-s. Shows her beautiful spirit right away so you want to read the book in full ASAP. I had to in 2 nights!
    I was born in Slovenia so cheese, bread, honey, and real butter were my food before I went vegan 29 years ago as well, starting to eat wholesome fresh fruits and veggies changed my life completely, healed my hypothyroidism, and saved my mom’s life after she was diagnosed with cancer. I truly appreciate beautiful human beings like Justyna for sharing the truth and helping people live healthier and more compassionate lives.
    She takes us on these exciting travels around the world (Asia) but her travels INWARDS got me the most, caught myself dropping some tears too. I could almost smell and hear the jungle and taste the exotic fruits but felt like hugging and comforting her on other occasions feeling her personal pain like it is mine. My 20s and 30s were extremely turbulent, filled with travel, academic life, poverty, overworking myself in Manhattan, so finding peace, joy, and love like she did after was like reading about my younger sister that I want to protect from the hard world.
    But do not be confused, she gives us incredible mental tools and ideas on how to change our lives around, encourages the reader to go after her/his dreams, and gives great tips on how to gather the courage to do what we should be doing with our lives. I have been following Fit Shortie on YouTube for years now feeling like part of their family, often defending them (myself) in nasty comment section hahaha… Eating disorders topic being one of the most sensitive and firey, because I feel like we all have some eating disorder these days in this world of the greed-driven processed food industry that does not nourish us but just pumps us with useless calories and toxins. I love you guys even if I do not know you, you are a part of our global fruit loving family making this planet with your message a better place, so this book was a treat in every way, everybody should read it and share it with their loved ones for Xmas gift.

  70. Claudia Gaspar (Verified Purchase)

    It is a honor to dive deeper into understanding life and its subconscious ways under Justyna’s wise and playful Guidance and find so much of myself reflecting in her beautiful , simple yet powerful self reflective questions. I really needed this motivation boost as a new mum to be to a second child and transitioning to a new life chapter in so many aspects of my life and this book ticks all the boxes! Big thanks and so much gratitude for sharing this Gift with all of us, for the goosebumps, the ‘hell yeah’s’ and reigniting the fire in my heart!

  71. Laszlo Marosi (Verified Purchase)

    It’s easy to be fully immersed in this book as soon as you start reading the intro. Tina’s gripping adventures perfectly come alive through her words and you immediately get a boost of inspiration and life force wherever you open it – a truly must read in this murky season. It’s definitely not the vague type of “help yourself” booklet but a well assembled golden compass towards creating a successful, productive and free living – in the technicolor, fruity tropical paradise.

  72. Rebecca Grandy (Verified Purchase)

    This book is right up our alley! We love manifesting our desires and following our highest excitement which has gotten us so far. This book would be great for anyone needing some help in fine tuning their way of thinking. The time and energy Tina put into this book definitely paid off. We feel this book will help many people who need a new perspective to connect with themselves even more to find their highest excitement. The way Tina writes is addicting and very detailed. She really knows how to use her words to make you feel like you’re there. This book is so empowering to remind us all of the powerful creators that we are! Highly recommend!

  73. Chris Kendall (Verified Purchase)

    So commonly people say hindsight is 20/20, this wonderfully written saga of adventure, insight, vulnerability and transformation may just let you find your own 20/20 vision in the present allowing you to create a life of your highest excitement right now!

  74. Silvia Konaklieva (Verified Purchase)

    This makes me feel closer to Tina, like as if we sat round at dinner telling each other our life stories. Which just hits the right spot in this year that appears to be devoid of tropical retreats possibilities… I can hear her voice now and feel the happiness! And focus on co-creating more adventures with the lovely fitshortie family. Fruit-hunts, jungle-walks, wild water dips and heart-to-heart meetings soon, now!

  75. Victoria N. (Verified Purchase)

    I read the whole book in a sitting. There was something so light and wonderful about the tone of the book because it is written by someone who truly has found her bliss and is honestly trying to share only from her personal experience to help free others as well. It is rare you come across someone so happy and content with their life so their advice is pure gold. I loved hearing about her exciting life story and her journey to get there. The advice is useful, practical and makes sense with a lot of common sense reasoning to back it up. It is not just the same new age-y stuff everyone has heard. I am excited to read FitShortie’s next book.

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