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A complete toolbox of everything you need to destroy the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential. This eBook will help you reconnect with your most authentic self and pursue your dream life unapologetically like never before. Give yourself the chance to discover your true calling and start living a life of absolute abundance today!



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About the author

Justyna Stoklosa

Justyna is a firm believer that everyone has the power and the birthright to reinvent their life completely at any given moment. Following her highest excitement she writes daily hoping to spark inspiration in those longing to live a happier life. With her partner Simon and son Leo she continues to free range around the tropics in search for the best fruits this planet has to offer. 


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  1. Anja (Verified Purchase)

    Great book! I felt warm en confy within the first sentences. The simple techniques are very easy to understand and fits in a normal day. Thanks Tina and Simon

  2. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    An amazing read – a true inspiration for the freedom-seeker.

  3. João Abreu (Verified Purchase)

    The first paragraph made my day. Thank you! I will devour this book. And I’m not the biggest book reader. This is exactly the book I needed to read at this point in my life. I will share it with other people. I’ll also make sure to find frozen Durian here in Portugal to eat while I read because it only makes sense. And I hope to meet you guys somewhere in the tropics to eat “real” durian ❤️

  4. Monika W. (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely love this book and everything about it. Reading it felt so refreshing and I basically swallowed it whole in like a week or so. I loved the way it was written – it seemed so effortless and yet conveyed many beautiful truths and beliefs – some of which I agree with and some of which I don’t, but even then I found them really interesting! This journey that is described there is so beautiful. It gives hope and puts a smile on my face to know that even after the darkest of times, there is still a possibility to find happiness and reach your fullest potential, if you just give yourself a chance. It teaches a lot about self-love and a relationship that you should have with yourself, but also about taking risks and daring yourself to do new things. I would recommend this book to everyone and I will definitely go back to it from time to time. Thank you Tina and good luck to you on your journey!

  5. Renee (Verified Purchase)

    I absolutely loved this book and read it in one sitting whilst munching on fresh yummy fruits!! I could not put it down. Being a raw food fruitarian myself, I understand the challenges of binge eating and food addiction. This book captured the true essence of letting go, surrendering to ones highest calling and follow ones highest passion. I have since written a list and created a vision board of my highest passions, greatest envies and my desired partner. I also went swimming outdoors in nature and covered myself in soil whilst earthing barefoot. Thank you for the motivation to connect to mother earths beautiful hum and it’s microbiome. I give thanks for this beautiful little book as it has truly changed my life and my perspective on my reality. A second book more directed on the raw food fruitarian diet with meal suggestions and meal plans would be favourable please!! Thank you again for writing and letting me bathe in the wisdom and experience within this book, it is truly inspiring and is helping me overcome and dissolve my own fears to living and following my highest excitement. Reading this book was high excitement!! I will no doubt I will read it again and again for inspiration. This book sparkles. Thank you 🙏🏼

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