Fit Shortie

Fulltime fruitarian travellers

Our adventure began on instagram when Simon aka Chippy looked up #fruitarian and was magnetised by Justyna’s juicy fruit pictures. Half a year later once in Bali he suggested a meet-up over durian. Inseperable since that first meeting, together they became insatiable in the hunt for the rarest best tasting fruits on the planet. Combing through the most far-flung jungles they have documented their journey on Instagram and Youtube where their adventures are enjoyed by millions of people word wide!


Creative and silly

A former interior architect. At the age of 37 she reinvented her life completely by closing her company and buying a one-way ticket to Bali. There she embraced her dream life of a minimalist barefoot fruitarian. Her authenticity and the unique sense of humour she radiates gives a fresh twist to every topic she writes about. Now the mother of her beautiful son Leo she enjoys discovering motherhood whilst adventuring around the world with her boys.


Always Pushing boundaries

This man has no fear. A firm believer in the fruit diet, he will stop at nothing to get his hands on the best fruit out there. His thirst for adventure has taken Fit Shortie to the most remote places in the tropics. Simon’s purpose in life is to serve others and help them become their best self. He is like a durian: Strong and masculine on the outside. Soft and sweet at heart.

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