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  1. Marina d’Ansembourg

    I have been vegetarian for 8 years and tried Tina and Simon 30 days raw vegan challenge just for fun. And it was so much fun and so easy that I did not stop it and continued for another 2 weeks. Loved to receive your videos and I learned so much with you about how to be vegan without damaging your health. Thank you again for your work and I would recommend this course to anyone who is wondering what it is to be raw vegan.

  2. Marina d’Ansembourg

    At first was curiosity, then came so much fun and knowledge from Tina and Simon. Loved the recipes: easy ingredients and easy to make. Very structured and easy to follow challenge. Learned a lot about being vegan and about myself during this challenge. Thank you both of you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Definitely recommend to everyone who is on the path to become raw vegan.

  3. Josette Laferrière

    I just love watching Simon and Tina so much!! They really know a lot about this lifestyle. Doing this challenge was a great starter, although I am not ready to embark on a 100% raw lifestyle just yet, this was a great experience. Ps my theeth have never been as clean eating fruits in my whole life. And I just felt better overall. Thank you Tina and Simon for being my guides during this challenge. You were there to answer any questions I had and I truly appreciate it so much. Hopefully I can join one of your retreat in the future. Much love

  4. Frishta

    I tried the vegan raw food challenge for about 10 days. After that I started suffering from stomachache and circulation problems. Then I ended my diet and went on steamed vegetables in order to somehow cleanse my stomach. It went well for a while, then I started again the vegan raw food challenge and it ended awful for me. Now I am having digestive problems and can’t eat anything plus high pressure. I am having an appointment today with my doctor to see what’s going on. It’s a pity I have just thrown my money for nothing and bought some health problems. At this moment I wouldn’t recommend this diet. Sorry guys.
    Rather than both of you guys do really well, you accompany the clients and try to somehow probably help. But it went really ugly in my case

  5. Maria Apostolopoulou

    Hello Tina and Simon.
    No stars are enough to appreciate the detailed, yet simple analysis, plus information and ideas provided.
    I found the raw food lifestyle or rather the Fruitarian healing in 2016, through Naturopath Robert Morse, on Youtube, whereby I healed 11 aliments I was suffering with.
    I found you both also on YouTube and have followed all your old videos.
    You are both too special to walk on this planet which is festered and destroyed by insensitive or ” still sleeping” humans.
    Having said that, I also know we all manifest our own reality, so I should not focus on the outside but what is within me.
    This challenge is not a struggle, but it is a guide for ”Complete Health Made Easy”
    You are both a blessing in this existence.
    I love you so much.
    Maria from Cyprus / 55 years old

  6. Michelle

    Although I did not participate this month I will be in the near future I adore watching all the videos & posts on instagrams I give you a 100% percent review When I participate when I can I will let you know how I managed thankyou for everything the knowledge & the opportunity to learn to eat raw with you both take care I see you one day at one of your retreats with so much love for you & your family I appreciate you both Tina & Chippy hugs

  7. Jehangir Palkhivala

    Congratulations! Very encouraging. Also very interesting, and kind – the way you’ve shared your recipes and your lives with us!
    Thank you! This has certainly created a genuine good feeling for fruit and smoothies, which I never had.
    I will be very happy to keep off the 6 kg that I’ve shed, and to enjoy being about 80% raw. The remaining 20% feels necessary for me -to regain mental balance, and also get over this internal feeling of weakness.
    Thanks again, and good luck to you in all your helpful endeavours.

  8. Leah W. (aka Senseimagnolia)

    5 stars! This challenge brought me peace and affirmation about my diet. I have always craved fruits but never thought about eating a raw food diet. Thank you Simon and Tina for showing me the way. If anyone is reading this and has doubts, please. know that you will feel great at the end of this challenge. Simon and Tina have developed wonderful, easy recipes and have a step by step plan. I loved that I had the entire meal plan and recipes at the beginning. If I wanted to switch it up, I did. The videos are a great way to end your day. It’s as though you have two friends with you enjoying an end-of-the-day conversation. They have done all the research for you. The shopping lists and product links are so helpful. We already used TerraSoul products. They are fantastic. Wait until you eat a TerraSoul Medjool date. So delicious!!
    The quizzes and journal questions made me really think about my life and what I want for the future. I’m now raw vegan for life and I’m going to follow my highest excitement. I feel so much joy while I’m writing this. Try this program. You won’t regret it.

  9. Terie

    What a great program this is! The recipes are outstanding. So many great benefits to feeding your body this way. I was not perfect in following throughout the whole 30 days, however, the changes I see and feel in my body are amazing. Grateful to Simon and Tina for taking the time to create a program/recipes so wonderful and life changing. Don’t be afraid to make the purchase even if you are not ready to start the challenge just yet. Once you make one of the recipes you will be ready to jump right in. They are delicious! Looking forward to a much more fruitful life ahead!

  10. Krista

    In a few words – this is eye opening! If raw food is something that makes you curious, this is a must-have.
    I enjoyed a lot of the recipes and these 30 days have changed my diet for better. Never had I experienced that food has such a huge impact on me. Now I am much more conscious about what I put in my mouth and body. Of course this is just a beginning and a long way still to go, but this was a great start. And I absolutely loved all the videos. It was my pleasure to watch the videos before sleep. Tina&Simon you are inspiring and lovely!

  11. Celia Merino

    So much to say , but I want also to keep it brief. Ir totally opened my eyes to a new reality, new way of living. Gave me the courage to understand that this life style is not as difficult as I ones thought. I learned so much, this course educated me totally in another level. Very simple to follow. Videos very short which make u want to watch it. Very open minded. Absolutely amazing course that can change anyone’s life for the better. THANKS THANKS THANKS!

  12. Gatis

    This challenge was fun. Great thing about it is that it was simple, no fancy recipes, no fancy overproduced videos, no overcomplicated information. It left me with feeling that I hang out with these guys for few weeks and get great inspiration and information. I guess results speak, I stayed raw for all 30 days and now (its couple of weeks since I finished) I keep doing fruit based raw food. As I knew a lot about this lifestyle beforehand, I can confirm that information in these videos and meal planner is well designed without crazy advice and crazy ingredients for recipes. There are few things which can be improved for experience during challenge, but as I see some things are already updating with new recipes, etc.
    These guys are honest and do not promise that you can walk on water and heal everything in few days, rather promising exciting lifestyle which will gradually improve your wellbeing up to your nature given limits.
    I suggest taking this challenge as it is, in my opinion, one of the appropriate steps to take in this busy and distracted world we living in.

  13. Bernie

    Thank you for making the 30-Day Raw Food Challenge so affordable. I have yet to do the challenge! I am not at the stage where I am ready to go fully raw, yet. I am getting there slowly. I bought the package so that I could read your advice, watch the videos & try out some of the recipes. I figure that as I do that, I will get on the raw diet without even realising it. Will post another review when I complete the challenge.

  14. Rose

    I don’t know what to say but thank you for everything you did. I love
    the 30-Day Raw Food Challenge very much. I love you Simon and Tina! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Nina Nordin

    Thank you for all the love and amazing knowledge you put in this challenge. I feel pretty well read on health and raw food but I still got so many aha-moments and new interesting information!
    I highly recommend this challenge! It’s so well thought and oozing with passion and joy <3

  16. Michelle

    Thank you Tina and Simon for the 30 day Raw Challenge. Thank you for making it affordable , so that everyone who wants to improve their health, can do it .I loved the Challenge as it was really user – friendly. It was really helpful that there was an encouraging video daily, as well as a menu plan for the 30 days as well as a delicious recipe daily. The 30 day Raw challenge helped me get back on track to feel healthy , more energy , more clarity and loving eating lots of raw healthy fruits and vegetables. Thank you Tina & Simon for your helpful and encouraging easy – going approach to a healthy life. I would definitely recommend the 30 day Raw Challenge with Tina & Simon.

  17. Irmgard

    I always saw the delicious looking meals you posted on Instagram, and I always wanted to know the recipes. And in my case that was actually the only reason that I finally joined the 30-Day Raw Food Challenge. I don’t need to loose weight but I’m always interested in getting new tipps for healthy food. And so I didn’t do the challenge as designed, but I intend to try one of the recipes every now and then. I have already made the Iceberg Lettuce Boats, and the dressing is delicious! Next try will be vegan Spaghetti Bolognese. I hope to surprise my already vegan eating daughter if I see her next time 🙂

  18. Pam Mars

    Taking the 30 day raw food challenge was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself!
    I came out of a 20 month hard lockdown here in Melbourne Australia, with a lung infection, and feeling very low par in energy, vitality, purpose, and creativity.
    The timing was perfect!!! When l saw the program promoted at such a low price I jumped at it!
    Best thing ever!
    I have overhauled my life and have my energy, creativity and passion back!
    I purchased new utensils including a long awaited water filter, and rearranged my tiny kitchen.
    I looked forward to the daily challenge and my morning schedules rearranged – l began to really get excited as l nurtured myself for the first time, in a long time.
    I sourced local organic food growers that l never knew about, in my area, and loved planning my shopping around the weekly menus.
    I enjoyed getting my fingers in and preparing my daily dinners and loved trying the new ideas!
    It opened my taste buds and my mind!
    I have a new relationship with myself and a new appreciation of food, as l create daily delicious healthy meals for myself.
    I finished the challenge Xmas day!
    Such a great present to myself!
    But I’ve continued following it as my basic way of eating.
    I’ve cut out coffee completely and hadn’t realised what a stimulant it was for me.
    I’ve been inventing my own recipes and mixing and matching since l finished.
    My favorites were tacos, sushi, bolognese, date and lemon bars and raspberry bliss balls!
    I learnt so much from the daily videos.
    I can’t thankyou enough Tina and Simon for all your work in creating this amazing, life changing program!
    I feel my world is filled with vibrant love, colour, light and taste now!
    Namaste 🤗

  19. Kelly V.

    I absolutely loved this challenge! Everything is so well done – from the information and videos to the shopping lists and recipes. I had been adding more raw meals into my diet before starting this challenge but none of the recipes I’d tried were as delicious as the ones provided on the 30-day raw food challenge. I felt completely satisfied which made this challenge so doable. As for results, eating raw has given me more energy and a faster recovery after workouts. I love the overall lightness you feel when eating raw. My ultimate goal is stay 100 percent raw and I can’t wait to do the challenge again!

  20. Miriam Houck

    Tina and Simon put so much love and work into this challenge and it shines through in so many wonderful ways. I went vegan in the spring and had been trying to transition to a fully raw diet for months, but I was never able to maintain it or find enjoyment in it. Once I started the 30-Day Raw Food Challenge, I found the support I needed and a path I could actually follow! Not only was the raw vegan diet something I could now maintain, but it was so exciting and enjoyable too. My cravings for cooked foods subsided. I was healing my body with an abundance of fruit and raw vegan food. There was finally blissful freedom as Tina and Simon helped me escape the lies of the dieting culture. I come from a past of anorexia and starving myself which eventually led to bingeing. With the help of this fruit based, raw vegan lifestyle, I have found healing and freedom and now eat without restriction! I wish this challenge continued pasted the 30 days and went on throughout the rest of my life. I definitely recommend it. It’s worth every dollar. It’s worth the time and effort, and really it doesn’t take much time and effort at all! The recipes introduced me to a whole new level of flavor I’d never tasted before. The focus on fruit kept me hydrated and feeling my best. And I absolutely loved the daily videos which were full of encouragement and tips that have really changed the way I live. I intend to continue a fruit based, raw vegan lifestyle and to continue to implement what I’ve learned during the challenge. I will be watching Tina and Simon’s videos over and over and using their recipes in the days and years to come. The raw vegan lifestyle is absolutely doable. It is joyful. It is fun. And it’s so worth it for health and healing. I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Tina and Simon.

  21. Marloes Bosch

    I really enjoyed the challenge. I’ve been following Fitshortie for years, and always wondered how they grew into their lifestyle, what their story was. What they ate in cold climate and so on. After reading her book I received an email with an invitation for the challenge, and I thought I should just try this. The price is so low it’s worth a try 🙂 And it was definitely more than worth it! All the information, from the daily videos, the meal planner, the shopping list, that made it all very doable and actually a lot of fun. I didn’t know if I wanted to stop! Now that I have completed the challenge, I use the recipes daily and I continue to enjoy what I have learned. I sleep well, have lost 5 kg during the challenge and without much effort, I actually had to make an effort to get to 2000 kc per day! The first days I noticed that I could not always eat enough, because your body has to get used to it. Totally no hunger pangs, saturated. Completely rid of the caffeine addiction and no need for processed food. I had a light headache for 2 days (day 2 and 4) and a few days of bad night’s sleep because of the detox. It was only a light detox, very doable, I could work well with it. I now know what to take when I’m hungry and I feel good about it. The ray vegan rafaellos are my favorite. I was motivated by their good blood results and their knowledge. Obviously they read and study a lot. If I had a question it was always answered quickly via Instagram DM by Fitshortie. I recommend this challenge to everyone!


    I must admit I started the challenge with some doubt as I had tried going raw before but had failed miserably due to insufficient planning and lack of knowledge.As the days went and I saw how delicious and easy the meals were and feeling not hungry at all,my hopes went up.I loved the easy shopping list,no need to run to ten shops to find weird ingredients,no need to spend hours cooking and I also had a sweet snack with me to resist bad food when offered to me.All in all,a great one!I would highly recommend a fruity challenge 2,focusing only on fruit and real detox because people are struggling with that a lot,in order to stay on fruit alone.Looking forward to more from you guys!Thank you so much!

  23. Sophia O.

    WOW, it’s incredible what a difference 30 days can make. I never imagined I could feel so rested and energized just by changing around what I eat. My acne almost cleared up (and it was bad) and I just feel good from the inside out. My family was skeptical about this challenge at first but when they saw how much I’m eating and tasted how good the food was, they all wanted to eat my food. We actually ended up making several of the raw dinner recipes for the whole family. My daughters’ favorite was the Spaghetti Bolognese on day 1, what a way to start off…She said it was better than any spaghetti she ever ate. And so filling too, I never felt hungry during the whole challenge. If anything, I was pretty stuffed! I love how they keep on repeating that you can eat as much as you want, finally a diet for me😉 I’m motivated to keep on going, and now that the challenge is over I’m doing weekly calls with Simon and Tina to keep myself accountable. I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone!

  24. Sandra L.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of going raw for several years now but somehow never gotten around to it. When Simon and Tina emailed me to try out the 30-day raw food challenge, I knew that this was my opportunity to finally give it a go! The amount of information and support Simon and Tina have provided me in the last 30 days has been incredible. Even though I had my doubts if I could do it, they set up the challenge in such a way that I was able to ease into the raw foods at a gentle pace that was just right for me. BTW the lasagna is to die for… Thank you so much!

  25. Daniella A.

    Truth be told that my health has been deteriorating over the past few years but it’s only been this year during the lockdowns that my auto-immune issues got to the point where they were immobilizing me. I’ve always been a believer that the food you eat has a profound effect on your health and I’ve known about raw foods for a long time but never knew where to start. This challenge was exactly what I needed at the right time. Not only did my health improve with every day of the challenge, I actually completely regained my mobility! At first, my goal was to just dip my toes in raw foods but now that I’ve completed the challenge I’m still eating all raw…WHOOPIE! The way I see it, doing this challenge was probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in years!

  26. Matheo P.

    Wish they would have come up with this program earlier, haven’t felt this good in years. They made the raw food diet easy! It’s so easy to follow, everything is so clearly explained and they say exactly what to get and what to eat. I actually spent less money on shopping this month than I do normally and enjoyed my food so much more. But to be honest, this challenge is not only about food. What I enjoyed most about the challenge was actually the daily support videos which had some really interesting topics and resonated a lot with me. Whatever they are talking about, it just makes so much sense. Really enjoyed it!

  27. Ingrid G.

    I love food… perhaps a little too much! I went into the challenge hoping to lose a few kilograms but I gained so much knowledge from their daily videos that I now understand this is a whole lifestyle, not a temporary diet. I’m so so grateful for finally finding a diet where I can eat as much as I want and don’t have to worry about portion size, calories, and all that other stuff. Before the challenge, I would feel sluggish all the time especially in the morning. By day 9 of the challenge, I had so much energy I cleaned out my closet for the first time in years. I keep eating raw and the weight keeps coming off… I can’t express how grateful I am to you, Simon and Tina!

  28. Emma V.

    I have been following Fitshortie for many years. I have always admired their tropical fruits but living in Canada, it always seemed like the raw diet here was impossible. I’m so happy that the raw food challenge is designed to help anyone go raw anywhere, even in a cold climate like where I live. Every day I found myself waking up with excitement anticipating the delicious recipes of the day which to my surprise took a fraction of the time to make compared to my usual cooking. I actually got addicted to the Raffaello bliss balls so hard, I ended up making them for everybody at the office! Simon’s raw food recipes are REALLY delicious, all of them… I plan on incorporating all of them into my daily menu now that I’m done with the challenge.

  29. Michael T.

    I expected this 30-day raw food challenge to be absolutely fantastic as I have already been on one of their fruit retreats in the past. I was absolutely right! The platform they created is just stunning. You’re getting daily coaching videos that on their own could already change your life, a meal planner which tells exactly what to eat with delicious easy-to-make recipes (every day something different), shopping lists that tell you exactly what to buy when, daily support emails and so much more. They deliver soo much more than what you pay for, they could probably sell it for 10 times the price! Great job guys!

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