5 steps to get rid of constipation fast!

Opened up cassia fistula pod. This is the number one laxative in the world and will help you get rid of constipation fast!

Natural methods vs medicine Before we start off this blog post we are pleased to let you know our first eBook ‘Follow your highest excitement’ is now available!!! It is a true masterpiece written by Tina and will help anyone wanting to loose weight, overcome eating disorders, destroy self-limiting beliefs and get healthy physically, mentally […]

5 steps to raise your vibration instantly!

raise your vibration

Why you need to raise your vibration Have you ever wanted to manifest absolute abundance in your life or have you ever had a friend text you just as you were thinking about calling them? All these magical things like lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, deep meditation or living your dream life are not completely out […]

The best fruit in the world

A pile of Annona reticulata custard apple fruits in a small market in rural Mexico

This might be the best fruit in the world! We have encountered this amazing fruit three times only in our 5 years of fruit hunting travels! It wasn’t love at first sight and you’ll have to read till the very end to discover our full adventure that this magical fruit took us on. Its latin […]

How YOU can stop deforestation now!

Truck loaded with tree trunks. Deforestation because of palm oil is a big problem!

We are on the East coast of mainland Malaysia during a multi-month road-trip on a scooter with all our belongings. The fruit situation in Kuala Terengganu was no bueno. All old, cut durian, no season whatsoever. After just one night we had to escape. Continuing our loop north to Kelantan no longer made sense. The […]

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