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5 steps to raise your vibration instantly!

raise your vibration

Why you need to raise your vibration

Have you ever wanted to manifest absolute abundance in your life or have you ever had a friend text you just as you were thinking about calling them?

All these magical things like lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, deep meditation or living your dream life are not completely out of your reach. Raise your vibration with the 5 steps below and watch the magic happen instantly!

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5 steps to raise your vibration instantly

Without further ado here are the 5 steps that you can implement into your daily life right now! If you want to know our secret tip that is not well known make sure to read until the end of the post!

Eat a high vibrational diet consisting of mainly tree-ripened high quality fruit. The juicier you go, the faster and higher you will raise your vibration. Why? When your body does not have to spend all its precious energy on digesting your food it will be available for your brain to work optimally. In a clean body fruit will be digested in less than an hour after eating. Compared to a high protein cooked food diet which will leave you sluggish and digesting for several hours, the high fruit diet will make you feel light, energised and high-vibe!

Focus on positivity throughout your day. Make sure to not be with the thoughts in your head all the time. Enjoy all the small things. Your kids are telling you how much they love you just before school? Feel it, live it, don’t take it for granted! Someone tells you how fresh you look (after implementing step 1), take the compliment and own it! Every single compliment or achievement will raise your vibration as long as you take it in fully.

The next 2 steps will have to do with not being in your head the whole time. The number one method for achieving this has been used for centuries! Meditation! This is such an important daily practice it will completely revolutionise your life. I know, I know, you just can’t stick to it. I had this problem as well. This is how to solve it. Choose a specific time in the day where you could build in an hour to just be with yourself. No iPhone, no YouTube, no distractions. Then religiously take this time for yourself every day for at least 2 weeks after which it will become obvious that this practice gives you endless benefits. Another way is putting yourself in a trance. This is a kind of meditation where you don’t ‘sit and observe’ your thoughts but where you completely ‘eradicate’ them. This YouTube meditation by Tina Turner (who knew she did this kinda stuff right?!) has helped me achieve this state.

Daily exercise. We both go running every morning, no excuses. Daily exercise will get your lymph system moving and gives your body a kickstart to the day. On top of that it will stimulate your body to release the 4 major happiness chemicals. Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and Oxytocin. The healthier you are the higher you will be able to raise your vibration.

Step 5 is a practise which you can implement straight away and will raise your vibration in SECONDS!

Step 5: The most magical one!

A holy spring deep in the jungle in Bali where locals go to bathe and raise their vibration every day!

This is such a magical practise that we will dedicate the rest of the blog post to it. In our eBook we have a whole chapter on this practice called ‘Daily dipping’! The next paragraphs will be excerpts of adventures where we implemented this practice.

Dipping in Bali

Our favourite time of the day: river dip. For some time I didn’t realise how crucial this has become to our routine until when searching for a house rental in Bali Simon said it has to be a short walk from a river we can bathe in. True, we could drive to any of Bali’s rivers or waterfalls but a river at home becomes part of our daily routine. We both much prefer bathing in rivers than taking showers. The full head to toe immersion in cold water feels amazing, we’ve read so many articles how it boosts your immunity and longevity. Look no further than Wim Hoff, he must be the master of cold dips.But nothing you will read in theory actually compares to doing it on the daily. After a river dip my skin feels like after a spa massage the whole day. In fact the morning of the next day I wake up refreshed – as if on a summer holiday. The biggest benefit we experience is loosing the charge of the electronics. You see if we use these devices even for half an hour a day, we get charged. This unnatural charge raises our cortisol levels and leaves us walking around like nervous zombies. No one is immune to getting charged by electronics – including you.

Ground yourself

There is many ways of getting rid of the charge. You can ditch you phone, you can get grounded by walking barefoot or sleeping on grounding mats. You can choose to live on the ground floor rather than in a skyscraper. Did you know that the number of heart attacks amongst employees would rise with each floor of a high rise office building. We are creatures designed to be in constant contact with the earth.

Bare-footing when you can is great. But diving into cold water is another level. Try it! You dive in and suddenly all your problems disappear. We’ll typically do other fun stuff at the river too – a water flow meditation where we visualise the river purifying our mind or basking in the sun afterwards. Later on in the evening, we fall asleep to the gentle hum of the river below. We are as dependent on its flow as the nature around us.

Dipping in Penang

Penang has been very relaxed the last days. Sleeping in late, eating copious amounts of durian whenever awake. Best of all, we’ve found a waterfall where we can bathe, meditate and play. This precious gem is just outside Bao Sheng Durian Farm. There is no end to the benefits a daily dip in fresh water does to your body and soul. Just recently I was listening to Zach Bush M.D. on Rich Roll podcast. I was surprised to hear that not only eating organic produce, but going to new places in nature, especially waterholes, rivers and waterfalls and just breathing in the air is a great way to enrich your gut microbiome! And we all know you’re only as healthy as your gut.

Sekumpul waterfall in Bali. A very high vibrating magical place.Moreover, if you find a place with ferns, thats an added bonus as ferns go back all the way to the dinosaur age. They only grow in uber pristine places so thats the best possible bacteria to breathe in. Listening to this we smiled at each other thinking how many different jungle waterfalls with gigantic ferns we frequented in Asia! Add to that dipping in the waterfalls. Whereas absorption through the skin on your hands is about 5%, the absorption through your genitals is 95%. So just think how much microbiome you can absorb swimming naked!

As a side note I have to say that Zach Bush’s podcast could be my favourite podcast yet, you have to listen to it to find out how microbiome will define your identity. How Monsanto’s use of glyphosate is the biggest threat to human health we’ve ever faced. And why we are facing an epidemic of autism, Alzheimers and auto-immune diseases. You’ve got to hear this one!

Dipping on the Gili Islands

This is my midday routine. Swimming in the shallow turquoise, my slow relaxed strokes cutting thro the thick gel-like waters. My eyes are open. Taking in the blurred edges and the vivid sun rays hitting the dog’s throat surface of the sand underneath. My strokes are lazy, relaxed, but never ‘żabka turystyczna’ – ie tourist frog in polish, which is a lazy breast stroke for the ladies that don’t want to dip their head underwater and ruin their hairdo.

Long gone are the days of my youth when I’d swim out far into the sea as fast as I could hoping that at least someone is watching me from the beach impressed by my backstroke. Now Im all relaxed. There is no need to impress anyone. Chippy probably has all eyes on baby Leo and lets be honest here, he probably knows all my strokes by now. Writing this right now I smile remembering how I was so much into making an impression on the beach. Eyeing up if anybody ‘took bait’ that on one of our girls’ holidays in Greece my friends nicknamed me ‘Predator’, Predi in short. A name that stuck for decades.

Every day I dip into these waters I feel super grateful for the life we’re living. So freaking happy to be here. At the same time my readiness to dip into water (chlorinated pools excluded) is universal. Im just as happy to bathe in chilly waterfalls in the jungle or ice cold lakes in the north of Poland. Ultimately, the way my body feels after a swim is no different to a spa treatment.

Let us know!

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Warm hugs!

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If you liked this post you will love 
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