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5 steps to get rid of constipation fast!

Opened up cassia fistula pod. This is the number one laxative in the world and will help you get rid of constipation fast!

Natural methods vs medicine

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If you are constipated chances are you are on the wrong diet. Our top tips for constipation are very straightforward and if you have been following us for a while this will be obvious to you. If you are new to our blog or don’t know us from our instagram page @fitshortie or our YouTube channel Fit Shortie, stick around as we will give you an exact ‘How to get rid of constipation’ protocol. We will also share with you a natural remedy known as Cassia Fistula fruit!

We don’t believe in the farmaceutical industry and would strongly advise you to stay clear of any medicine. This is our own opinion and off-course we are not professional doctors or nutritionists of any kind. We speak from more than 10 years of combined experience in health and nutrition. If you feel like your condition requires medical attention then please consult a doctor.

How to get rid of constipation

Constipation means dehydration. It also means food that does not get digested. Why is this?

Your gut’s main function is to get the nutrients out of your food and into your bloodstream so that it can be transported to the organs, glands and cells that need these nutrients. When this process does not work optimally you will get into trouble with your health as you will develop nutrient deficiencies over time. One of the main reasons this process is not working optimally is because of dehydration.

Babies are born as 75% water! When we get older this percentage drops to 70, then 60 and eventually a lot of us develop hyponatremia by the time we are seniors. Does this sound logical to you?

The main reason for this decline is because we get dehydrated from eating the wrong diet. The optimal human diet is a frugivore diet meaning only juicy water-rich fruits and a very small amount of plants and nuts and seeds. Yes we are all monkeys, whether you like it or not! Almost all fruits have a water content of over 80%. I know this sounds like crazy talk but we have been following this diet for the last 6 years and we can testify that this WILL be the solution to your constipation problem!

5 steps to get rid of constipation fast

  1. Include water rich fruits into your diet on the daily, preferably starting at breakfast. Make sure to include things like watermelon, orange juice, papaya (the papain in papaya is a well known natural laxative), dragon fruit, …
  2. If you are not living in a tropical country make sure to drink plenty of water. Preferably straight from a spring. If you live in the tropics you can drink coconut water. Drink it frequently during the whole day instead of gulping it down in one go.
  3. Swim in natural water bodies for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. When you are fully submerged in natural water sources your body will rehydrate itself through your skin. Have you ever noticed that after swimming you always have to pee? There you go!
  4. Stop eating dehydrating foods. This includes all animal products (especially fried), dried foods, grains (as they often contain glue-like proteins like gluten) and dairy. The best options will be raw juicy fruit and juices but if you are not up for this temporary (we hope permanent) change you could just include juicy fruits and eat steamed vegetables at night. The best diet to get rid of constipation will be a diet of foods you can tell are hydrating for your body. When you cook a pot of pasta and let it stand on the kitchen counter for a while it will turn into a sticky mess. This is exactly what happens in your gut! When you blend a mango and pour it out, does the whole smoothie ever stick to your blender? I didn’t think so!

Step 5 below is for people who want immediate relief!

Step 5

Try this wonder fruit called Cassia Fistula. Disclaimer: DO NOT USE Cassia Fistula when you are pregnant as it is known to abort the foetus! Below you can find a beautiful story of when we actually found the super rare golden flower tree where this fruit grows on! Cassia Fistula is one of the strongest purgatives and laxatives in the world. You will want to take small dosages of this. We recommend getting fresh Cassia Fistula but because it is so rare you will have a very hard time finding it. The link below will give you an alternative vegan non-GMO Cassia Fistula powder which could potentially help you get rid of your constipation immediately! (We are amazon affiliates and will earn a small commission if you buy the product. We are here to help you out and in turn this will help us out with our travels).

Click here ->

The story of Cassia Fistula

Cassia Fistula fruit. It comes from the golden shower tree and is one of the strongest natural laxatives in the world

A week into our stay in Penang Malaysia we’ve established a pleasant routine. First point of the day is running which we like to do as early as possible because of the heat. A park is a big name for something this small. It’s a green patch with paths and trees in the middle of what might have been an American styled suburbia but is ultimately a ghost town with empty white houses.

There’s nobody out there but the guy who had just cut the grass and is now sitting on a stone, staring into space. I do ten slow laps around the park, Chippy does twelve fast ones just to outdo me. After the run he does push-ups while I do yoga. The pungent sweat from the run flooding my eyes in downward dog.

Once we’re done, I walk triumphantly to pick up my prize just to ‘one up’ him in a different manoeuvre. I have noticed familiar looking brown pods scattered around the park. I had only tried it once in my life when our friend Manouk dished it out from her backpack in Bali. She said the bean was from Thailand.

She warned us not to eat too much of it as it has super strong detoxifying qualities known to get drugs out of your body. It actually had one of her friends bedridden for days with detox. The moment flashed through my head like it was yesterday but the one thing I wasn’t able to get was the fruit’s name.

The most beautiful chocolate taste

Simon cracked one on his knee and smashed the pod inwards with his fist. Inside, chocolate coloured gooey disks were arranged in order. We put our fingers in the goo all too eagerly. It tasted exactly like the chocolate stream out of a lava cake. Like caramelised brown sugar, it is super delicious. Despite Manouk’s warning we can’t help eating at least 30cm of it each. On our fasted stomach, after a long run it tastes like ‘heaven in our mouths’(direct translation of a well known Polish saying).
We gathered the remaining beans first making a contest which tree bears the best and headed home to share the find with our friends. A little research revealed it is called cassia fistula aka carao or golden shower tree. In Sri Lanka it’s long braids of flowers are made into chutney. Meanwhile the fruit has strong laxative qualities…

What did we do…

Cassia fistula pods after harvesting them straight of the tree in Malaysia. Nature's natural super laxative!

As Chippy read it I felt myself running to the toilet. Over the next half hour I pooped everything from my guts whilst my body twisted in waves of sweats and nausea. I was shocked to see it even eliminated a tiny bit of mucoid lining from my gut. One fluorescent green pee later, I felt like a newborn. Chippy watched all this in amusement until an hour later his smile dropped suddenly. ‘O-o. I think it’s my turn’ he said, which he didn’t even finish as he was making a beeline to the toilet. Same thing. A half hour flush of old stuff and then you’re flying. We decided to plant this beautiful medicinal tree in our dream garden. We actually repeated this cleanse 3 more times in the next days until it got too strong and we had to lay off of it. Crazy what nature has to offer! PS: This fruit looks like poop, same colour AND tastes of chocolate, hmmm…

Did you try it?

If you happened to try it before or if you bought the Cassia Fistula powder in link above, let us know how it was. Did it solve your ‘How to get rid of constipation?’ question?

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If you liked this post you will love 
The 30-Day Raw Food Challenge!

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