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How To Stop Eating At Night And Lose Weight

Many people believe eating at night will inevitably lead to weight gain and there might be some truth to this. In this post, we will show you how to stop eating at night and lose weight fast.

Before we reveal the simple reasons not to eat late at night and what time to stop eating at night to lose weight we would like to give you a mindset hack that will help you with your most burning question.

How to stop eating at night and lose weight?

If you’re struggling with overeating late in the evening, here is a tip that will help:

Instead of focusing on what happens in the evening, put all your focus on what you do in the first half of the day.

The reasons why we overeat in the evening can be divided into two groups: emotional and physical factors. 

Whereas the emotional part of the equation is inner work that takes time, you can already set yourself up for success by tackling the physical causes of overeating late at night.

If you have a tendency to overeat late at night, chances are, you are not eating enough during the day. 

This may be because:

  • You are so accustomed to eating late at night that you are not hungry in the morning
  • Each morning you wake up feeling guilty about what you ate last night and tell yourself you have to restrict in order to ‘make up’ for last night. This is a big mistake which will always, inevitably lead to more out of control eating.
  • Or, you might limit your food intake during the day because you are already subconsciously planning to overeat at night

Now, it’s your turn to stack the odds in your favor and change things around. 

For one week, put all your focus on eating a big breakfast and lunch, and tune out the inner critic telling you that you don’t need to. 

Do this for one week and journal the outcome. 

What time should you stop eating at night to lose weight?

What time should you stop eating at night to lose belly fat?

Around 11 pm your liver will start detoxifying your body. What this means is that you should stop eating at least 4 hours before to make your body focus fully on this detoxification process. 

Not eating after 7pm will give you the best results.

If you eat past 7 pm it is very likely that your body will still be spending most of its energy on digesting the food and you won’t be able to use it for detox.

When a toxin enters your body through food or your environment (think food preservatives, car fumes, detergents…), the body will try and coat it in fat as fast as possible. It does this to protect the veins and organs of damage the toxin could cause. It then stores this fat-coated toxin in fat reserves which are often in the brain or belly fat. 

Once you start eating a healthier diet and start sleeping earlier, you will give your body the right environment to detox these toxins through the liver and that is how to lose weight fast.

You should also make sure to go to bed before 10 pm so your body is in a resting state, ready to start detox around 11 pm. 

Best food to eat at night

The best diet to lose weight fast is the raw food diet. I lost 70 pounds with ease and without restricting calories at all. Simon and I have eaten a raw food diet for a combined 14 years now and have always been at the same weight ever since we went through the initial detox weight loss phase.

For me, a huge part of overcoming my tendency to overeat at night was eating raw foods.

After out-of-control eating for 21+ years, it has been a life-changing experience to find my food freedom and finally establish a healthy relationship with food. 

If you’re curious what raw foods can do for you, read our FREE ebook ‘How To Overcome Emotional Eating’

The strategies I discuss in the book will work for you:

  • Because they are designed to work for anyone. No matter what kind of diet you are currently on.
  • Because we KNOW that you can succeed even if you’re at the end of the road.

THE best part?

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Because when you’re in the perpetual loop of emotional eating, life is hard enough as it is. Because everyone deserves to heal!

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Read the book and find out how to stop eating at night and lose weight. Finally lose belly fat once and for all!

Warm hugs,

Simon & Tina

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Simon and Tina are the creators of The 30-Day Raw Food Challenge, the health & weight loss program designed to help you reach your optimal weight & incredible health without calorie restriction.

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If you liked this post you will love 
The 30-Day Raw Food Challenge!

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